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“Stelar specializes in unique instrumentation for Fast Field Cycling (FFC) NMR relaxometry. Stelar's successful experience in engineering new technologies in NMR instrumentation and methods has gained the company a strong reputation as the absolute leader in FFC NMR relaxometry. Stelar’s SPINMASTER and SMARtracer™ are used by research groups worldwide for numerous biomedical, materials science, and many other applications.”

“Stelar’s range of instruments for Fast Field Cycling (FFC) NMR relaxometry are powerful tools designed to measure the field dependence of the NMR longitudinal spin-lattice relaxation time, T1.

Stelar is unique in offering these carefully crafted, highly-specialized research tools which can be configured to meet the needs of the researcher: frequency range covered, multi-nuclear capabili­ty, size of sample to be measured, temperature of measurement a nd desired applications.

Stelar FFC instruments can be configured to cover NMRD profiles c ontinuously from 10 kHz up to 130 MHz. This is particularly important for contrast agent studies where clinical field strengths are reached. Other important applications which can be studied with Stelar FFC instruments are rock cores (up to 1 inch diameter), polymers and in vivo animal stud ies.

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