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Stable Isotopes

Stable isotopes are chemical isotopes that are not radioactive (they have not been observed to decay, though a few of them may be theoretically unstable with exceedingly long half-lives). By this definition, there are 256 known stable isotopes of the 80 elements which have one or more stable isotopes.

Oxygen 18

Constantly growing interest in the stable isotopes of oxygen is explained by its huge role in plant and animal life, in development of isotopic analysis methods, in transition of pure research techniques in biochemistry into the practice of clinical medicine. Use of the compounds, "labeled" Oxygen-18 isotope, allows identifying causes of many diseases of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, to diagnose lung diseases and determine the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals in the study and treatment of brain diseases.

W-188/Re-188 generator for radionuclide therapy

Spheres of Application

The Generator is intended for the production of sterile pyrogen-free Sodium Perrhenate (Na188ReO4) in isotonic solution of Sodium Chloride (0.9% NaCl). Sodium Perrhenate together with specialised Cold Kits is used for synthesizing the radio- pharmaceuticals applied for the therapy of malignant diseases with simultaneous imaging of the radiopharmaceutical distribution in Human Body. We supply Generators with Parent Isotope Activity ranging from 3.7GBq to 37GBq.

Reagent kits for PET Tomography

All reagents offered by CMR are produced in clean rooms and dispensed under controlled conditions. Sterile and non-pyrogenic material and kits are available. Only highly qualified personnel perform all of work at our Lab what not only makes the Lab a safe place for manufacturing and conduct researches but also allows us to deliver the best products to our customers.

We offer the following Reagent Kits :

  • CRYPTAND 222